Saturday, November 17, 2012


The U. S. election finally took place and happily President Obama was re-elected.  Not that this will put an end to partisan bickering, but the general tone coming from the U. S. is likely to be far more to my liking than if the result had been different. This has put me in a good mood and I can only hope that it will last.

On Friday after the election, I had fifteen windows replaced in my house.  The installers came on time and did a tidy, efficient job.  The previously single-paned windows are now double-glazed with automatic locks. The living room windows are now casement, which crank out, instead of the smaller awning type.  Immediately I noticed the difference with significant noise reduction and a warmer-feeling house.

My wife gave me a little lecture about home improvement projects, however:  (1)  Do the projects in the summer; (2) Don't do them just because the neighbour does them; (3) Don't put them off.  In general, I agree with this.  I actually started the window project in the summer, but getting multiple quotes, ordering the windows, and waiting for the installation to be scheduled took two months, which is not unusual.  I don't think I do things just because I see the neighbour do them, but they are a good source of ideas.  I have to admit guilt on the third item, generally because there are a variety of projects that could be undertaken and it probably takes a catalyst to move them forward.

I wonder what the catalyst for re-doing the kitchen will be?